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The Civic Center Advisory Committee (CCAC) shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Work with staff in finalizing the master planning process by identifying key issues that need to be addressed.
  • Work with staff to solicit feedback through tools such as surveys, community gatherings, and workshops to disseminate information regarding the key issues and questions involved in the new Civic Center.
  • Engage in public outreach to solicit substantive feedback and opinions on the Civic Center project. Support staff with updates for the town website and periodic updates for residents.
  • The CCAC may form Ad Hoc Subcommittees and/or host community workshops to involve a broader base of residents for the purposes of information gathering on specific issues, thus creating more community involvement and more in-depth visioning.
  • Once the council adopts a Master Plan, the CCAC will continue to work with staff through the design phase, to include coordination of public outreach, collection of resident input, and providing feedback on the design.
  • Assist staff, as appropriate, in the review and recommendation of project professionals, to include, but not limited to environmental consultants, design professionals, project management professionals, and project contractor.
  • Once the Civic Center project is underway, the CCAC will continue to work with staff, as appropriate, to provide feedback on project priorities and direction.
  • Assist staff and the City Council with the identification and development of donor recognition opportunities throughout the project.

Membership and Terms

Up to seven members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the City Council. Members must be residents of the Town and there are no set terms. No compensation is awarded to members for their services. When the specific purpose for the Committee is accomplished, the Committee will be disbanded.

The Committee shall annually select one of its members to act as a Chair and another to act as Vice Chair. The City Manager's Office serves as secretary to the Committee. Two member of the City Council are appointed as liaisons to the Committee.