Holbrook-Palmer Park Master Plan

The Parks & Recreation Commission and ultimately the City Council reviewed and updated the Park Master Plan in 2015. 

The City Council adopted the Plan in May 2015. The Plan provides an overview of the Goals of the Master Plan, existing conditions, a site analysis, results of community outreach, various concepts during development of the Plan and the Master Plan itself. 


Materials and Documentation

Master Plan Revised per November 20, 2019 Council Action (off-leash dog area removed)

Master Plan with Council Revisions (highlighted) May 2015 (PDF)

May 2015 Staff Report and Draft Park Use Mater Plan

2005 Park Schematic Landscape Master plan (PDF)

Summary of Results of Park Master Plan Survey (PDF)

Most residents answering the survey indicated that they wanted to preserve the park’s character (over 75% of the respondents), although approximately a quarter of the respondents would like to have more classes, lectures, and events at the Park with another quarter of the respondents indicating they would like an off-leash dog area. BFS will present a Final Report with a recommendation on uses in the Park that address the community’s desires, encourage the Park’s sustainability, as well as, suggestions on fee policies. BFS presented a draft master plan to the Park & Recreation Commission in February 2014.

Draft Park Master Plan - December, 2014 (PDF)