Communications and Records

Communications and Records - 650-688-6500

The Police Communication Center is located at the front of the Police Department and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Citizens who call the Police Department talk to a dispatcher who immediately radios the reported information to Officers in the field, thus enabling a very fast response time. The Communications Center is a modern facility utilizing the latest technology to efficiently and effectively handle complaints and concerns. Residents with alarm systems connected to the Police Department have their alarms monitored in the Communications Center.


A state of the art computer system enables these employees to access all resident, alarm, case, and suspect information in seconds from the computer terminal. They are also able to access the county, regional, state, Department of Motor Vehicles, and National Crime Information Systems.

These tools enable the residents of Atherton to enjoy a low crime rate, a fast emergency response time, and an overall professional, effective community oriented Police Department.

In addition to Communications responsibilities, the employees of this unit are also responsible for processing police reports, citations, subpoenas and other related paperwork; answering all non-emergency incoming phone calls; staffing the main counter and assisting the public with questions, copies of reports, parking permits, vehicle releases, and many other miscellaneous duties.