Lloyden Park & Lindenwood Street Lights

Street Lights in Lloyden Park & Lindenwood Neighborhoods

The Town is currently designing new lighting circuits for the Lloyden Park and Lindenwood neighborhoods to replace the old high voltage series circuitry that currently power the lights. The new circuitry will use current technologies and will be more reliable and efficient to maintain. The project includes replacing the existing series circuit light fixtures with new energy efficient LED lights on top of the existing light poles and repainting them. The Town is seeking your feedback on which new light fixtures to install based on your opinion of the overall look of the light fixture and the quality of light it exudes.

We have installed samples of each type of light fixture we intend to use as replacements - Post Top and Hanging Pendant types. We are seeking to maintain a similar level of illumination, and to match the current fixture style and appearance. Below is a sample 1 of the hanging pendant and the post top type lights. To view all sample types see the following link to take the survey.

Hanging Pendant
Post Top


The Town has put together a survey to gather feedback from the community on which light fixtures to install. QR codes have been installed at each light fixture allowing for individuals to visit the light fixture and take the survey directly from a Smartphone. For more information about the project and the light fixtures types/samples and to fill out the survey please visit Open Town Hall or use the following QR Code.

QR Code

Street Lights Survey Meeting Nights

Town staff is holding a Street Lights Survey Night where residents can meet with staff to review the street light fixtures and provide input in person. Those meetings will be held on the following days:

  • Wednesday, October 19 at 6:30pm, Parking Lot in front of Town Hall at 91 Ashfield Road
  • Tuesday, October 25 at 7:00pm, Parking Lot in front of Town Hall at 91 Ashfield Road

Participants will be required to use their own means of transportation to get to the second location at the corner of James Avenue and Heather Drive.

Contact Person:

Steve Tyler
Public Works Superintendent
Email Steven Tyler