Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency

In a residential town such as Atherton, energy efficiency can play a very important role in reducing climate change impacts. Energy efficiency is achieved when buildings use less energy. Energy efficiency can be achieved through technologies such as high energy water heaters and air conditioners, by adding features such as insulation or duct sealing, or even by simple measures such as unplugging unused electronics or turning off lights when not home.

Regional resources, such as Home Intel by Home Energy Analytics, provide energy audits for residents in San Mateo County. These energy audits include an analysis of energy usage in your home, and can even include suggestions on how to reduce home energy consumption.

Below are a series of helpful links associated with energy efficiency:

  • HERO Program: Home Energy Renovation Opportunity program provides homeowners with financing for energy efficient, renewable, and water conserving home improvements. Home Energy Renovation Opportunity Program
  • California Solar Initiative: CSI offers cash rebates for installing solar energy on homes and businesses. California Solar Initiative
  • PG&E Energy Audit: Free energy audit by PG&E, helps homeowners save money on bills by identifying energy consumption sources. PG&E Energy Audit
  • San Mateo County Energy Watch: Energy efficiency services and incentives for homes and businesses, as well as Greenhouse Gas Emissions incentives and Climate Action Plan implementation services for government organizations. San Mateo County Energy Watch
  • Peninsula Clean Energy: The official electricity provider for San Mateo County. Provides clean energy to meet local climate action goals. Peninsula Clean Energy
  • California Water Service Rebates and Programs: CalWater offers a variety of rebates for residential accounts in Atherton (Bear Gulch District). California Water Service Rebates and Programs
  • Rethink Waste: Innovative waste reduction and recycling programs in San Mateo County. Rethink Waste
  • FlowsToBay Challenge: Campaign from FlowsToBay to encourage San Mateo Residents to make changes at home to reduce pollutants. FlowsToBay Challenge
  • Rain Barrel Rebate Program: Up to $100 in rebates available for San Mateo County residents that use a rain barrel in their homes to collect rainwater that reduces rainwater runoff and provides a sustainable source of water. Rain Barrel Rebate Program
  • Solar Tribune: Website for solar news, education and advocacy. The website also provides resources and tools for people considering using solar power. Solar Tribune
  • SEEC: The State Energy Efficiency Collaborative is an alliance between three non-profit organizations and California’s four Investor-Owned utility companies providing tools and resources for cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy. State Energy Efficiency Collaborative