Green Building Resources 

Think about building Green! Help reduce impacts to the environment and save yourself costs over time!!

Green Building (or sustainable building) means considering the environment and impacts to it when designing and building a structure. There are many elements to building green, including architectural design that maximizes natural light and ventilation, installing energy efficient fixtures and equipment, and selecting recycled and/or non-toxic construction materials. In general, homes constructed using green building practices are energy efficient, resource conserving, having better indoor air and light quality, and utilize construction materials wisely.

Plan ahead! If you are considering remodeling or rebuilding your home, work with your architect and contractor in the initial phases of design. By incorporating green buildings features into your home you can still work to have a home that meets your goals, while saving yourself costs in the long-term and resources for future generations!

Visit the Build It Green Website for information on green building strategies and how you can integrate into your home's design.

Resources of specific green products and others resources can be found:

View some features of no-cost to low-cost sustainable solutions (PDF).

And before you begin demolition, think about sustainable methods and ways to reduce the amount of material you contribute to our landfills. Think about deconstructing your home, versus simply tearing it down. Some resources:

Reuse Network

The ReUse People of America

Whole House Building Supply and Salvage

While Atherton does not currently have a mandatory Green Building Ordinance mandating new construction and/or major renovations to meet certain minimum green rating levels, please consider applying any of the measures on this Single Family Home checklist (PDF).