Citizens' Police Academy

What is a "Citizens' Police Academy?"

The Citizens' Police Academy is a one-day citizen engagement program that is designed to provide Atherton residents with first-hand information about how their Police Department works. Training will be in an “academy setting” with a few hands-on exercises designed to give the participant a more realistic sense of what it’s like to work as a peace officer. Participation in the Academy requires a commitment of one full day (7:00 am – 5:00 pm). The Academy will occur on November 4, 2023 at the Police Department (80 Fair Oaks Lane). Food will be provided for participants.

What is the Purpose of the Academy?

Our objective is to put the resident in the shoes of an Atherton Police Department employee. Whether you’re learning what it’s like to field an emergency 9-1-1 call, collecting a fingerprint at the scene of a crime, or learning how to share your car with a furry 4-legged partner (K9), our goal is to give you a behind the scenes perspective about the policies, philosophies, and guiding principles of the Atherton Police Department. 

Who Teaches the Academy Sessions?

The instruction will be provided primarily by both sworn and non-sworn staff from the Atherton Police Department’s Patrol detail, Dispatch, Property and Evidence, K9, and Investigations.

Academy Documents

4What Subjects are Included?

  • Dispatch and the Patrol Call
  • Investigations
  • Property & Evidence 
  • Security Systems and Cameras
  • DA and the Criminal Justice System 
  • Crisis Intervention Training 
  • Taser - Use of Force - Less Lethal 
  • Traffic - Impaired Driving 
  • Canine history & demonstration 
  • Police Technology Tools 

Participants will learn how community-oriented policing works; the basics of criminal investigations; how different types of crimes are processed from Dispatch to Doorstep to the DA. Partakers will also learn about CitizenRIMs and how to use it in their neighborhood, securing one’s home, and the use of security cameras in the community.

How are Participants Selected?

We will accept the first 25 applications so that class size allows for better interaction and hands-on training once dates are determined. If there is a high level of interest, other dates will be identified. If you attended a previous Academy, you are not eligible to repeat the class. To attend, you must be at least 21 years old, be an Atherton resident, and not have any felony convictions.

How to Apply: Contact Jennifer Frew @ 650-752-0503 or via email at for more information.  Dates for 2024  are not set at this time.