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Mar 16

That's A Wrap! - March 15, 2023

Posted to City Manager's Blog by grodericks grodericks

Thats A Wrap HeaderCouncil Meeting Date: March 15, 2023 (full Agenda link)
Video Link:
Details of each item can be found via the links to Staff Reports within the narrative.

The City Council met for the Regular Meeting on Wednesday, March 15 at 6:15 pm. Due to a few technical difficulties, the meeting started late. Following the Roll Call the Council began moving through the Agenda beginning with Public Comments and Presentations.  The City Council adopted a Proclamation in support of National Public Safety Telecommunications Week honoring the Town's Dispatcher Team. The Presentation on the San Mateo County Age-Friendly Committee was postponed to April 19. 

ReportNext, the Council moved to Departmental Reports (~6:25 pm). The Departmental Reports are prepared monthly as part of the City Council's Regular Agenda. In addition to current reports from the City Manager, it typically includes departmental updates on the various happenings around Town such as reports from Administration, Community Services, Planning, Police, and Public Works.

Consent_AgendaFollowing Departmental Reports, the Council moved to the Consent Agenda consisting of Items 1 through 6 (~6:30 pm). Items on the Consent Agenda are considered routine in nature and are generally considered in one motion and adopted by a single vote of the Council. Included in this month's Consent Agenda were bills and claims, minutes, Annual Report on the Use of Military Equipment pursuant to AB 481, Approval of a Grant Funding Agreement with Santa Clara County for the Park Circulation Project, Approval of the 2022 Annual Report to HCD, and Approval of a Capital Accounting Partner Agreement for the Cost Allocation Plan. Following brief staff reports on the Annual Report on Military Equipment and 2022 Annual Report to HCD, the Council approved all items on the Consent Agenda. 

Public_Hearing_ImageNext was Public Hearings.
Public Hearings are typically held for Ordinances, Budget Adoption, Fee Adoption, and Land Use approvals. There were no scheduled Public Hearings.  

Regular_Agenda_ImageNext up was the Regular AgendaThe Regular Agenda is reserved for items that require more deliberation and discussion by the City Council and items that are not routine in nature. 

Item No. 7 was an appointment to the Planning Commission to fill the an open, unexpired term through June 2025. (~6:37 pm) Following a brief staff report and public comment, the Council appointed Bob Polito to fill an open, unexpired term through June 2025. 

Item No. 8 was discussion of release of a survey to assess interest in Pickleball at Holbrook-Palmer Park. (~6:40 pm) Following a brief staff report and public comment, the Council discussed issues related to proposed locations, appropriateness of pickleball in the Park, funding, community support, survey questions, method of survey, and timing of release of the survey. Following discussion, the Council gave authority to an Ad Hoc Council Subcommittee to be created by the Mayor to work with staff to review and/or revise the survey questions and release the survey to the entire community on behalf of the Town. Staff was directed to ensure that all tennis key holders received a notice of the survey. 

Item No. 9 was review of the Report from the Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Housing and direction to staff. (~7:04 pm) Following a PowerPoint presentation by the Subcommittee and an opportunity for public comment, the Council discussed issues related to purchase of property in Town for housing, use of the Gilmore House in the Park, type of housing proposed at the Gilmore House, other options considered by the Ad Hoc Subcommittee, timing of HCD response to the Town's Adopted Housing Element, timing of the Town's required response back to HCD if it is not accepted by the State, using Habitat for Humanity, and establishing criteria for selection of property(ies) for consideration. Following discussion, the Council directed that the Ad Hoc Subcommittee reconvene with staff and work through a refresh of criteria to be used by the Council when considering properties for inclusion in the Housing Element as opportunity sites for affordable housing solutions. The Council asked that the Subcommittee report out at the next possible meeting of the City Council.

The last item on the Agenda was Item No. 10, review and direction regarding the Town's 100th Year Anniversary Celebration. (~8:22 pm) Following a brief staff report and public comment, the Council discussed issues related to budget for the event, date of the event, activities at the event, creation of a history video, incorporation of the Train Station, 100-Oak Tree giveaway and details of history stations. Following discussion, the Council expressed support the event and the continued work of the Standing Committee. The Council approved a budget for the event, inclusive of the Oak Trees, of $60,000.

The last items on the Agenda were Council Reports and final Public Comments. 

Having cleared the entire Agenda, at approximately 8:36 pm, that as they say - was a wrap!

The next meeting of the City Council will be a Study Session on Wednesday, April 5 at 3 pm. The Agenda includes the FY 2023/24 Budget Operations Review, Approval of a Resolution Requesting Public Assistance from FEMA for the January Storm Event, Report from the Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Housing - Criteria for Opportunity Sites, Discussion and Direction Regarding Sidewalk and ROW Issues, and the Annual Police Report and Presentation.

GeorgeThanks for reading!
 George Rodericks
 City Manager
Town of Atherton

Jun 05

Town Center Update - June 5, 2020

Posted to Town Center Project Activity Blog by grodericks grodericks

Atherton Town Center - Project Activity

Construction continues in earnest on both City Hall and the Library. Floors have been poured for the new City Hall - both 1st and 2nd floor. Work continues now on installation of the utility systems, roofing systems, and fire systems. On the Library, most of the work is dedicated to the new rammed earth walls. 

Live webcams for Library
and City Hall/PD Building are active on the Town's website. There is also a project progress photo gallery

Naming and Donation Opportunities

New_RoadConstruction funding for City Hall, Police Building and Site Improvements ($28.7 million) consists largely of donations and the Town's General Funds. To assist with cash flow during the project's construction timeline, the Town issued a Certificate of Participation (COP). COPs are a short-term funding tools for projects and are used mainly for large, multi-year infrastructure projects. The Town would like to retire this short-term debt sooner than it would be obligated to do so (10-years). To do so, additional donations toward the project would be required.  

Recently, the City Council mailed a Naming and Donation Opportunities letter to all Atherton residents - this is available online as well. The Council invites the community to become a part of Atherton's history by donating with a Naming Opportunity. The Council identified unique Naming Opportunities connected to the project - some of which have already been selected but there are plenty more opportunities! The City Council considers awards of naming opportunities at their regular meetings as donations are received. 

Donations will assist the Town in reducing or eliminating the need for a short-term COP to bridge the revenue flow gap during construction. The opportunities for naming have various ranges with the most significant being the ability to name a new road that will connect Fair Oaks Lane to Ashfield Road and run next to the new Town Center. 

It is very exciting to see this long-awaited new Town Center and Library come to life. The projected opening is Fall 2021, absent delay associated with COVID-19. For more details on naming opportunities and donations and how to enhance your current donation or become a part of history by making a new one, visit the donation website.

City Hall and Police Building

The image below is from today as interior utility work continues on the City Hall Building. The Building is taking clear shape.   
City Hall June 2020

On the right of the image is the single-story Council Chambers portion of the Building. The Council Chambers also serves as the Town's Emergency Operations Center and connects directly to the Police Building. The second floor of the Police Building is set back from the first floor and includes the break room, training room, locker rooms and offices. The lower floor of the Police Building includes the briefing room, interview rooms, and evidence storage. 

Along the left side of the image on the lower floor is the lobby area and on the second floor is the walkway across the lobby to Community Development (Building, Planning and Public Works Offices). Administration is on the lower floor on the left. 

In the near portion of the image, you can see vehicles in the temporary Police Parking Lot. This area will eventually become the Civic Court of the new facility. 
Below is a Site Plan for the full project. 


Historic Town Hall

Historic Town Hall InteriorMost of the interior work of the Historic Town Hall building is further down in the project timeline. There is currently no activity on the Historic Town Hall.

This building will ultimately become a part of the new Library connected via a deck and french doors that spill out from the side of the building onto the new deck. 

Library Building

The image below is from this week. Work this week focused on the forming of the new rammed earth walls for the Building.
Library Shotcrete  

Site Work

Site work continues for utilities and other required site improvements. 

Here's a view of the new entrance to City Hall coming in off of Fair Oaks Lane. Administration Offices are on the right. The first floor will be Town Administration and the Post Office. The second floor is the Building, Planning, and Public Works Departments. The bottom and top floors on the left are the Police Department. Secure Parking Lot entry is off to the left of the main building. 

The Look Ahead

Work Areas for the Week of June 8
  • Installation of Fire Service and Water Lines
  • Installation of Power and Communication Conduits
  • Exterior Wall Layout/Deflection Clips
  • Install Steel at Mechanical Platforms
  • Installation of Utility Ductwork 
  • Installation of Overhead Plumbing and Piping
  • Rough-in Fire Protection
  • Install Stair 2-3
  • Place Forms and Shotcrete for Rammed Earth Walls
Work Areas for the Week of June 15
  • Exterior Wall Layouts
  • Installation of Utilities, Plumbing and Piping
  • Form Interior Curbs
  • Frame Coordinated Walls
  • Install Door Frames (Ancillary Building)
  • Place Forms and Shotcrete for Rammed Earth Walls

Project Financials

 Payment Request Period Town Share Library Share Total
Payment Request #1 June 2019 $983,533 $538,622 $1,522,155
Payment Request #2 July 2019 $540,673 $587,037 $1,127,711
Payment Request #3 August 2019 $605,478 $972,754 $1,578,232
Payment Request #4 September 2019 $997,235 $638,317 $1,635,551
Payment Request #5 October 2019 $969,456 $252,633 $1,222,089
Payment Request #6 November 2019 $1,318,002 $341,692 $1,659,694
Payment Request #7 December 2019 $1,346,738 $555,978 $1,902,716
Payment Request #8
January 2020
$1,289,498 $480,925 $1,770,423
Payment Request #9 February 2020 $1,042,792  $342,867 $1,385,659
Payment Request #10 March 2020 $1,242,721 $440,645 $1,683,366
Payment Request #11
April 2020
$309,292  $248,412 $557,694
Payment Request #12
May 2020
$1,391,401  $713,524 $2,104,924
Totals   $12,036,809 $6,113,406 $18,150,215
Initial Project Bid   $28,701,034 $18,375,966 $47,077,000
Net Change Orders   $41,168 $73,803 $114,971
Updated Project Cost   $28,742,202 $18,449,769 $47,191,971
% Complete based on $   42% 33% 38%
Target Based on 25-Month Schedule   48%

At 38% completion, approved change orders for the project are at 0.24% - $114,971 of $47.1 million. 

George Rodericks
City Manager