El Camino Real Work

Caltrans Work on El Camino @ Maple

Town staff continues to coordinate with Caltrans and the California Water Service Company (CalWater) for the repair of a sinkhole that has developed at the El Camino Real/Maple Avenue intersection.  After Caltrans initially placed their traffic controls at the end of May, they opened the surface of the road to try to identify the cause.  Though the cause was not evident at that point, moisture was detected when probing the underlying materials and water was found in the adjacent telecommunications manhole. Caltrans has taken water samples and the results indicated a link to a potable water supply.  CalWater has been investigating their water mains in the area and towards the end of June, they identified a leaking valve.  The extent of the leak and its potential association with the sinkhole have not yet been confirmed.  CalWater has obtained the necessary permits and authorizations to replace the water valve.  They have requested all other utilities mark their facilities through the Underground Service Alert system in advance of beginning their excavation.  The various utilities have been marking their facilities over the last few days and clearance has been received.  To allow for the valve replacement, CalWater needs to replace/transfer a 2-inch residential water service.  This work is anticipated to take approximately two-days and will be followed by the valve replacement.
After the valve replacement, CalWater will confirm if their valve leak is linked to the water appearing in the telecommunications manhole and is causing the sinkhole.  Is so, they have committed to completing the investigation as to cause and repairing the sinkhole in a timely manner.  If the valve is not associated with the water leak, Caltrans will need to do additional investigations as to the underlying cause and be managing the repair.  The Town continues to press both Caltrans and CalWater to expedite the work necessary to repair the roadway and reopen the intersection.


While staff continues to connect with Caltrans for updates on the work, Caltrans and CalWater may be connected directly.

  • Paul Wilson, Caltrans Maintenance Area Superintendent, (650) 358-4145
  • Scott Collins, Maintenance Area Superintendent, (650) 358-4129
  • Dawn Smithson, District Manager, CalWater, (650) 561-0014

George Rodericks
City Manager

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