What is a Quiet Zone?
A Quiet Zone is a section of a rail line that contains one or more consecutive public highway-rail at-grade crossings at which locomotive horns are not routinely sounded. A quiet zone does not preclude the sounding of locomotive horns in emergency situations, nor does it impose a legal duty to sound the horn in such situations. Nothing in the Final Rule restricts the use of locomotive horns during malfunctions, maintenance or testing.

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1. What is a Quiet Zone?
2. Why Do Trains Sound Their Horns?
3. Who is Responsible for Establishing a Quiet Zone?
4. When was the Atherton Fair Oaks Quiet Zone Established?
5. Is the Atherton Caltrain Station Part of the Quiet Zone?
6. Is the Sounding of Train Horns Now Prohibited Through the Town of Atherton?
7. Are Quiet Zones Safe?
8. Did the Town Assume Any Potential Liability by Establishing the Atherton Fair Oaks Quiet Zone?
9. Can the Town Create a Quiet Zone at the Watkins Railroad Crossing?
10. How Can I Report Violations of the Quiet Zone?
11. Where Can I Learn More About How Quiet Zones are Established?