What are Bid Alternates and Bid Deducts?
Bid Alternates and Bid Deducts are designed into the project plans to be bid by all contractors bidding on the project. The Town can add in an alternate or deduct to make adjustments to the project. These bid alternates (whether adds or deducts) must be incorporated and designed into the project "pre-bid" to allow all contractors to bid the project in the same way. The Town then awards the bid based on its selected alternatives. Changes AFTER award of bid are change-orders with costs that may or may not be shared in some way with the contractor.

Presently, the project is designed with 7 Alternates (some could add cost some could deduct cost)

Alternate 1 - Deduct: Hyrdoseed at City Hall instead of the designed planting plan -$223,000
Alternate 2 - Add: Energy Monitoring at City Hall - $13,000
Alternate 3 - Add: Microgrid at City Hall - $594,000
Alternate 4A - Add: Photovoltaic at City Hall - $539,000
Alternate 4B - Add: Photovoltaic at City Hall - $527,000
Alternate 4C - Add: Photovoltaic at City Hall - $1,130,000
Alternate 4D - Add: Photovoltaic at City Hal - $124,000
Alternate 5 - Add: 25,000 gallon thermal energy storage tank - $192,000
Alternate 6 - Add: Use copper gutters instead of painted aluminum - $75,000
Alternate 7 - Use Stone Veneer instead of pre-cast concrete at wall base - $21,000

The deducts and/or adds are NOT included in the base costs of the building. They are only added or eliminated (deduct) if selected by the Council at the time of award of bid. The City Council is also looking at additional items to add to this list. These include:

- Eliminate the Corporation Yard
- Postpone the New Council Chambers
- Replace the Clay Tile Roof with Asphalt Shingle
- Replace the CMU Fencing with Chain Link
- Simplify or Reduce Interior Finishes
- Change Traction Elevator to Slower Hydraulic Elevator
- Postpone the renovation of historic Town Hall
- Remove any custom built furniture (counters)
- Replace rammed earth walls with typical wall construction (library)
- Replace wood window framing with aluminum
- hydroseed in lieu of planting

These would need to be designed so that they could be bid as deducts. If selected, these would reduce the cost of the construction by approximately $4.5 million.

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