What changes are being made to Backyard Services?

Backyard Service is an extra service provided by GreenWaste when the driver disembarks the vehicle to manually collect carts that are more than 5’ from the curb and not readily accessible by the collection vehicle. Backyard service allows collection in locations including a back or side yard, or other non-Curbside location. The fees are based on distance (0’ – 100’, then 50’ increments thereafter) and the total number of Gray Carts. Distance measurements begin just beyond the reach of the truck arm. NOTE: Only BLUE and GRAY Carts are eligible for new Backyard Service.

In order to make the new services cost-effective, GreenWaste is using fully-automated trucks, which means the driver does not need to exit the vehicle to collect carts. These trucks have an arm that reaches out to pick up the carts and empties the contents into the collection vehicle. The carts need to be easily accessible to the truck arm for curbside collection to occur efficiently. Backyard charges will apply when carts are set out at a location that require the driver to disembark the vehicle.

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