What are "zone changes"?

Housing Elements are a guide to all of the ways that a jurisdiction plans to meet the State mandate for affordable housing. The Housing Element will identify opportunity sites for different types of housing development and policies to guide that development. Those policies and development opportunities are translated into law via land use ordinances and zoning law. 

The Town is presently predominately zoned single-family; but, with the adoption of the 6th Cycle Housing Element, the Town must identify and rezone property for multi-family development. Such multi-family development can occur at various levels of density (usually defined as how many housing units per acre). The Town is conducting an environmental review to determine the impacts of development at specific density levels in order to determine an appropriate level of density for particular properties. 

Currently, the Town is looking at increased density at the following properties: (written as of 10/24/23):

  • 23 Oakwood

  • 999 Ringwood, 352, 318, and 296 Bay Road

  • 175, 185, and 197 Ravenswood

  • properties in the Park and Open Space Zone

  • Private School sites

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