Have you thought about covering it and making a bike/ped path?
The Council opted for a concrete U-Channel design that would allow covering at a future date. Given the deterioration of the existing channel, time was of the essence in getting the project moving. The channel as a watercourse is governed by the Regional Water Quality Board, Army Corp of Engineers, State Fish and Wildlife, and others. A covered channel required a full environmental impact report. The length of time required to complete such a report was prohibitive. Designing the channel uncovered at this point allowed the Town to move forward more quickly but retained the option for cover at a future date.

The Council was and is keenly interested in the opportunity to cover the channel at a future date with the possibility of bicycle and/or pedestrian pathways along it. However, there are a number of issues to work through first - 1) environmental review; 2) termination of the bike/ped at Fair Oaks in the County...then what? 3) capacity issues related to the covered channel

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1. When can work on the channel begin? (Update: 3/13/16)
2. Have you thought about covering it and making a bike/ped path?
3. Did the Council explore any alternatives?
4. What about adding another lane of travel for vehicles?