What about adding another lane of travel for vehicles?
The Town discussed adding a lane of travel for vehicles. The width of Marsh Road narrows a bit in areas. If/when the channel is covered in the future, the Town could consider adding some additional width to the paved area on the east and west side of the roadway to allow the striping of an additional lane of travel and/or emergency response lane. Trees would have to be removed from the right-of-way to accommodate the project.

The addition of an emergency response lane is something that the Menlo Park Fire District has suggested as a priority when/if the channel is ultimately covered. Because Marsh Road is a detour corridor for Highway 101, a thruway for travel through Atherton to other destinations, and an emergency response route to areas around Atherton, the question becomes who should contribute to the widening of the roadway? Should the cost be borne by solely Atherton residents? Or, should the cost of the project be spread amongst the State, the Fire District, and other regional agencies with an interest in the improvements?

At the present time, the Town is solely interested in a project that can rehabilitate the channel. It is currently deteriorating to the point that the roadway itself is in jeopardy of failing. The cost to do this incremental repair is nearly $3.5 million (all in) - all at the expense of Atherton residents. Bigger projects addressing bigger issues with far more substantial costs will be considered at a later date. Roadway safety is the primary issue driving the project at this point.

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4. What about adding another lane of travel for vehicles?