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  • About the Form

    1. When should I use the on-line form to report crime? The best use of this form is for reporting minor instances of lost or stolen property, when the crime occurred more than 24 hours ago. If I come home and discover that my house has been burglarized, should I use this online reporting system? No. If you come home and discover that your house has been ransacked by thieves, please forgo the use of this online reporting system and call our police dispatcher ASAP @ (650) 688-6500. And please remember, to report a life threatening emergency or an in-progress crime (the crime is actually occurring now!), call 9-1-1.
    2. The Atherton Police Department accepts the following information online. We do not currently have a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) server, so all information sent by our online forms is unencrypted. If you feel uncomfortable sending any information that is requested, please type "CALL" in the details box and a police dispatcher will contact you for the additional information. Please feel free to fill in all the information that you are comfortable submitting. The sole purpose of these forms is as a convenience to you.