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Bid Number: 56103
Category: Public Works Department
Status: Closed
Bid Recipient: City Clerk Department


Town of Atherton is requesting bids from qualified, experienced and bonded firms in the State of California to provide on-call tree maintenance services and Arboricultural consulting services for Town Trees throughout the Town of Atherton and including Holbrook-Palmer Park. These maintenance services may include scheduled work such as pruning and removal of trees, and unscheduled or emergency response work to mitigate to mitigate a threat to public safety resulting from an accident, weather damage, structural failure, etc. The Town desires to enter into an agreement for two (2) years with the possibility of up to three (3) one-year extensions.

Publication Date/Time:
6/10/2022 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
7/6/2022 1:00 PM
Pre-bid Meeting:
Contact Person:
Town Arborist, Sally Bentz-Dalton
Award will be made to the firm who best meets the City’s requirements and who offers the most advantageous combination of low price and highest qualifications for all criteria described in this document. All firms submitting bid proposals must hold a valid State California C-27 and a C-61/D49 Contractor’s License. Both licenses must be in good standing for the previous seven (7) consecutive years without any official unresolved record of complaints registered or filed with the Board or California Department of Consumer Affairs. This contract requires a valid California State Pest Control License.

Contractor shall have OSHA certification of aerial equipment to be used throughout the term of this project. Both provisions shall be provided with the submission of bid proposals.

A cover letter describing all persons that will be performing the work outlined in the contract. Personnel must be qualified and trained in the tree care industry. This will include the staffing a manager who shall be an ISA Certified Arborist and fluent in the English language. At all times during contracted tree care activities, the firm shall have work crews on site that are represented by an English-speaking supervisor who can receive and carry out instructions given by proper authorities.

Contractor should have at least eight (8) similar and separate California municipal multi-year tree care contracts which have been successfully completed within the last seven (7) years. Each project shall be of comparable size and scope of this project (descriptions of these projects and contact persons must be provided with bid submission). These projects must include work in tree inventory. The proposal shall include a detailed description of their proposed inventory program along with sample reports.

At the time of bid submittal, bidder must have staff that includes Certified Crane Operator(s) as recognized by National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), ISA Certified Arborist on staff, ISA Certified Tree workers on staff, ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist on staff. ISA Board Certified Master Arborist on staff, DPR Licensed Pest Control Advisor and DPR Licensed Pest Control Applicators on staff, ATSSA Certified Traffic Control Technician and Designer on staff. Wildlife Awareness trained personnel on staff.

Contractor should have a Quality Control Plan with an effective and efficient means of identifying and correcting problems throughout the entire scope of operations. The successful Contractor shall be required to comply with this quality control throughout the term of the contract. Contractors shall have a current Safety Manual that meets SB 198 requirements for injury and illness prevention.

Special Requirements:
The bids documents will be enclosed in a sealed envelope within another sealed envelope. The outer envelope shall be addressed to:

Town of Atherton Attn: Town Clerk
“Bids for Town Tree Maintenance Services”
80 Fair Oaks Lane
Atherton, Ca. 94027

Bids are due on TUESDAY, JULY 6TH, by no later than 1:00 PM at the Town Clerk’s office located in Town Hall, 80 Fair Oaks Lane, Atherton, Ca. 94027. FAX submittals will not be accepted.

Bids shall be submitted in the following format:

a) Signed Transmittal Letter. The Letter should briefly state the bidders understanding of the work to be done, the commitment to perform work within the time period, a statement as to why the firm believes it to be best qualified to perform the engagement and a statement that the bids is a firm and irrevocable offer for sixty (60) days.

b) Qualifications of the Proposer. The bids should describe the knowledge, background and experience of the bidders, as more particularly described below. Proposer should provide the following information about its qualifications:
i) A statement as to actual ownership of the Bids. Is the proposed service provider a subsidiary company or operating under a fictitious name? Explain in clear concise language.
ii) Provide evidence of ability to procure insurance required by the contract.
iii) Indicate key staff people and include an organizational chart.
iv) Copies of all current Green Janitorial arboricultural certifications.

c) Project Statement – Provide the name and address of the firm.
i) List the manager and other staff by name and position to be utilized on these services.
ii) List individual staff qualifications and past experience in services of this nature.
iii) Identify your experience with references, both current and past.
iv) List, if necessary, any sub-contractors expected to be engaged in work on these services and include their qualifications and experience.

d) Project Approach – Provide a statement indicating the methodology your firm plans to use to conduct the work and the basis on which you make your evaluations and recommendations.
i) Provide an outline on how your firm would proceed with this work.

e) Project Schedule – Provide a narrative or schedule on how your firm would proceed with the work. Provide hours of typical working times.
i) Besides emergency call outs and work the Town has requested after hours, the work hours are Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm. No work noise can begin before 8 am.

f) Project Cost –Provide an estimated Total Project Cost; inclusive of any and all incidental expenses anticipated to be incurred.

g) References – Provide a list of three (3) references (name, address, phone number, project type) for recent similar work within the past five (5) years.

h) Statement of Past Contract Disqualification. Each bidder shall submit a statement regarding any past governmental agency contract disqualification.

i) Warranties. The Bids shall contain a statement that the proposing firm is aware of, and is ready, able and willing to provide to the Town each of the warranties as described in the section entitled below, A Contract Document. If the statement providing the warranties is not included in the bids, it must be provided prior to the acceptance of an Agreement by the Town.

j) Similar Engagements with other Government Entities. List the most significant engagements (maximum–three) performed in the last five years that are similar to the engagement described in this request for bids. Indicate the scope of work, date, engagement partners, total hours or cost, telephone number and the name of the principal client contact. Indicate “none” if your firm has not provided service for any municipal clients.

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